Marketing Week 2011: Battle of the Creatives


Marketing Week is always a sensational time in Adelaide – when over five days we’re treated to some of the best speakers from the worlds of marketing, advertising, public relations, digital, government, market research and more.

Battle of the Creatives
Battle of the Creatives

Last year I was part of a breakfast session with Lee Hopkins and Crispin Butteriss. We enjoyed being interrogated by PRIA SA Chair Adam Thomson while the audience clattered knives and forks over plates.

This year, I’m lucky that Jason Neave has me involved in the Battle of the Creatives, a session for Adelaide’s dynamic Young Marketers group which promises to be a bit of Spicks and Specks style fun, with Sputnick firing questions at two teams. Who’s Sputnick? He’s aka the Swashbuckler of course. Obviously.

Want to see me lose my mind on stage?

Or possibly, just possibly serve up some genius answers?

Then see the Marketing Week website and register quickly – there’s just a few places left. Thursday 25 August from 6pm!

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