Shazam is the shizzle .. and other Apps I like


Here’s a quick post on three of my favourite Apps, and what I’m using them for …

Shazam lets you ‘discover, buy and share’ what you’re listening to. In this age when a lot of radio announcers don’t back-announce the great song they just played, it can drive you nuts not knowing the song title or band.

But with Shazam, you can hold your phone near your stereo speakers and within seconds, it matches the song (where possible, which is most of the time) and gives you all the vital info. (I’ve even been able to pick up the song in a noisy pub).

You get a link to where you can buy it on iTunes and own that ditty forever. You can also share your new discovery on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. (It’s a minor irritation that you can’t add a comment. Sometimes I want to Shazam a song on Twitter to say that it stinks and I hate it, or add some otherwise worthy commentary).

So that’s all very straightforward. But what I’ll also use Shazam for, is to help me collate my votes for the @triplej Hottest 100. It’s an institution. Every Australia Day (26 January) @triplej counts down our favourite 100 songs of the previous year. I often find it hard to remember all my favourites for that entire 12 months (the most recent tend to flavour my vote). With Shazam, I’ll have access to the list of songs I dug during the year. Hey presto!

The other App I like is the much-maligned Instagram. (Maligned by professional photographers, photography enthusiasts and those affronted by some people’s excruciating sense of creativity which is often unleashed on Instagram).

Instagram describes itself as “a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures”

Le Fruitbowl, via iDarkoom
Le Fruitbowl, via iDarkoom.

You know how you can take pics on your smartphone? Well, Instagram makes it pretty. Or grungy. Or 70s. Whatever you like.

Then you can share your image on social networks and email – all the usual features you expect today.

iDarkroom is similar to Instagram. It essentially takes Instagram a step further by offering more creative options – more shade effects, colours and frames etc.

I love these photos Apps as they offer another way to communicate; but also they’re offering me more content options. Instead of searching Google Images or FlickR for the perfect copyright free or Creative Commons images, I can make my own.

It’s something I’ve only started doing recently in Prakkypedia. And you may hate it (I hope not). But if I can create my own images and stay out of trouble – why not?

What are some of your favourite Apps?

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  1. Rachael Mazurczak says:

    My fave apps of the moment:

    “Songify” has had the office in tears of laughter…..turning a sentence or two into a night-club worthy song.

    “Playground Finder” is very useful….more so with contributions. I’m now making a conscious effort to review and photo each playground I visit.

    “Photosynth” for making panorama’s and 360’s.

  2. JM says:

    I love Shazam it’s great when you hear a song on the radio and you don’t know what it is – and then you have a record of it later.

  3. I love using Shazam to work out the songs on TV ads.

    At the moment I’m also loving Tunein Radio – which lets you listen to radio stations all over the world. Nothing like a bit of BBC Radio 1 on the bus on the way to work in the morning. But you can also listen to local radio from places like Mexico and even Antarctica!

  4. Gary Lum says:

    On my main page on my iPhone I have my most used apps. They inlcude Twitter for iPhone, Facebook, Tumblr, tvGuide, picplz, Instagram, foursquare, GetGlue, Oz Waether, TuneIn Radio, RunKeeper and Moby.

  5. Steve Supple says:

    Hi Prakky,
    Here are my three favorite phone apps:
    PS Express – Photoshop for your phone. Does all your basic photo editing but great fun too.

    Echofon – I’ve tried different Twitter apps & this one has the best features.

    Magic Piano -I can play like a pro (almost)

  6. Thanks all for some of those links! Fabulous stuff. I’m loving Viber which lets you make free calls and txt (!), pinterest, Hipstamatic and paperless lite.

  7. darwiniandude says:

    Good Reader is an absolutely awesome must have app; it extends the abilities of iOS devices no end. You can download files, sync folders with dropbox or iDisk, display and annotate PDF files, zip and unzip things etc.
    For example I recently bought a Macworld super guide. It was a PDF& ePub combo, zipped up. Instead of heading over to the computer I pasted the link into good reader, downloaded the zip, unzipped it and read it.
    For work I need to use lots of PDF files as a reference. Good reader syncs with an FTP folder so any new documents automatically go across to my iPad. And it remembers where I was up to in any PDF file.
    I took lots of photos at a family gathering on the weekend. I put the SD card into the camera connection kit on the iPad, and imported the photos. I imported them all into Good Reader, zipped them, and then uploaded the Zip file to my iDisk. I then emailed everyone there a link to download the 24mb zip file.

    Really really handy, stupid amounts of functionality 🙂

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