I’m a podcaster now?


A person who writes blogs is a blogger. A person who uses Twitter is a tweep or tweeter. You can be a YouTuber, too.

But what’s the name for a person who podcasts? I have no idea …

Today was my first podcast experience. (Some of you may have seen this on Twitter already, but I wanted to share this on my blog too – so my blog subscribers had the opportunity to listen to my on-air fumblings).

While @sarahsocialprco was overseas, I had the chance to jump into her @cjpodcast hotseat and have a great chat with @malchia and @jasonneave. We talk about Google+, Twitter promoted tweets, the attention we pay (or not) to television advertising, smartphones and much more. Enjoy!

@malchia organises these podcasts regularly, so if you have ideas for future chats, leave a comment below or catch him on Twitter.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Thomas says:

    Welcome to the fold! Great job on @cjpodcast Michelle. We’d love to have you back on again one day. Cheers, Sarah

    1. Prakky says:

      Thanks Sarah, I really enjoyed it.

  2. Mal Chia says:

    Great to have you on the show. Look forward to having you back on soon!

  3. The next podcast(s) feature a guru or two from Marketing Week #Adelaide. Reckon you can pop back for a couple comments from the supercoach?

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