An open letter to LinkedIn


 I’m sorry, LinkedIn.

I’ve tried to spend more time with you, but you’re just not pushing my buttons.

Sure, you’ve supplied a nice interface, with a simple clear design and a free online space for me to house my curriculum vitae. I think it’s also cool that I can connect to people I’ve worked with, plus past and future clients, to build a ‘career hub’. It’s also interesting to read the LinkedIn profiles of people I know, to see how their careers have progressed.

Michelle Prak on LinkedIn
Michelle Prak on LinkedIn

But when it comes to anything else, you’re less than compelling.

I struggle to visit you daily, unlike other platforms I frequent including Twitter and Facebook. When I occasionally remember, I will visit – but it feels as exciting as dragging myself to the dry cleaners.

I commend you for setting up groups, but often they’re quiet or they’re full of self-promoters.

I commend you for drawing in a news section. But I already get my news on so many other platforms.

When you enabled users to integrate their Twitter feed – that made things ugly.

Some other LinkedIn users swear that you’re cool. They say you’re a dynamic space that has helped them to boost their professional network. They’ve formed LinkedIn groups that meet up in real life. But for me – Twitter has done that dozens of times over.

I won’t shut down my LinkedIn profile, because as a personal ‘career website’ it’s very handy to have you ticking along in the background. But I seriously doubt you will ever ignite my passion.

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  1. Tim Wallington says:

    Well said. Still struggling to find any actual use at all for LinkedIn. And now there’s Google+ to decide what to do with (if anything)!

  2. Ash Simmonds says:

    I still don’t get it, it’s just like MySpace for me – I set up a profile way back when, check in every month or two, and still got no idea what void it’s supposed to be filling.

    And yeah, I’ve done far more networking and got work via “unprofessional” mediums such as forums and Twitter.

    So what’s the missing link to LinkedIn?

  3. Laura Dare says:

    Ditto. I did all the right things and signed up to the Linkedin groups, and now I just delete the update emails from them straight away – they’re not worth my time, quite frankly.

    Also, I’m sick of getting lots of random requests for connections from people whom I’ve never met who don’t work in a related field. The only thing I can see that we have in common is that we live in the same city. Does anyone else have this problem?

    What’s that sexy new platform where you’re the ‘Good fairy of social media’, Prakky? Let us know how you go with that, and maybe I’ll try that one instead…

  4. Ben Moroney says:

    Agree completely. It’s a ‘handy’ tool, but is a long, long way from being essential.

  5. Sandip Dev says:

    Totally agreed. I procrastinate visiting LinkedIn for days.

  6. Ivan Lutrov says:

    You’ve summed it up nicely, Prakky.

    I too struggle to find anything useful about Linkedin, and don’t spend a lot of time there either. Too much spam in their “groups”, too may random “let’s connect” requests from people I’ve never heard of, and too many recruiters trying to reach me with “opportinities”, even though I explicitly state in my profile that I’m not open to any job offers.

    Other than that, their ridiculous share price is quite amusing.

  7. I’m an oldie newbie feeling my way in social media, and whilst I see some real business benefits of LinkedIn, I also feel LinkedIn is boring and shallow. I call it a game of tag. A nameless genY professional confessed last night it’s a way to link with wankers you don’t want on Facebook.

  8. For me LinkedIn is a research tool, not a social network. It’s a combination of an online resume and a self-updating rolodex, and I am as inclined to “hang out” on LinkedIn about as much as I am to constantly re-read my own resume or a stack of business cards.

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