Content is king – do you hate it?

What subject did you hate at school? My sons hate ‘recount’. Don’t know what that is? It’s when you turn up to school on Monday morning – or even worse, the first Monday after school holidays – and your teacher asks you to write a piece on “What I did on the weekend” or “What I did on my holidays”. My boys loathe this style … Continue reading Content is king – do you hate it?

Wading through social streams

Sorting through your social media streams can be as frustrating as pushing through a shopping mall crammed with lolling teenagers when you’ve only got 30 minutes to shop. As we spend more time on social networks, one of the inevitable consequences is that we’re connected to a greater numer of people online. And that means a greater number of people to keep up with. Or … Continue reading Wading through social streams

7 annoying things about technology

A part of the unashamedly #firstworldproblem series. Here’s a list of some everyday technology glitches that vex me: Putting the USB stick in the wrong way around – always. (How does that happen, when you’d think between two choices, there’s a greater chance of choosing the right way?) Scanning documents. The scan quickly leaps to 99% and then keeps you waiting three minutes for the … Continue reading 7 annoying things about technology

GooglePlus: a little bit private, a little bit free-for-all

You may have heard. Google has a new social network. (Yes, another one. But this post won’t be a cynical retrospective … Let’s start afresh, hey Googs?) It’s called GooglePlus, apparently because it’s a “plus” to all the services Google already provides to us. And we might consider it like the +1 that we’re often asked to bring along to parties (What’s in a name  … Continue reading GooglePlus: a little bit private, a little bit free-for-all

I’m a podcaster now?

A person who writes blogs is a blogger. A person who uses Twitter is a tweep or tweeter. You can be a YouTuber, too. But what’s the name for a person who podcasts? I have no idea … Today was my first podcast experience. (Some of you may have seen this on Twitter already, but I wanted to share this on my blog too – … Continue reading I’m a podcaster now?

An open letter to LinkedIn

 I’m sorry, LinkedIn. I’ve tried to spend more time with you, but you’re just not pushing my buttons. Sure, you’ve supplied a nice interface, with a simple clear design and a free online space for me to house my curriculum vitae. I think it’s also cool that I can connect to people I’ve worked with, plus past and future clients, to build a ‘career hub’. … Continue reading An open letter to LinkedIn