Happy Social Media Day


Today, on Social Media Day I’ve decided to share some of the things that social media has enabled me to do or given me (in no particular order):

Stored a cache of content about my sons growing up which is now a family treasure; followed breaking news on Twitter from world disasters through to road traffic updates in my neighbourhood; connected with family on Facebook including those who speak a different language; organised Adelaide’s first FourSquare swarm in Chinatown; formed Facebook group for my high school where many happy stories and photographs are shared; sat back in my armchair to ‘watch TV’ with Twitter friends; saw what other people were watching/reading and found good recommendations; watched The Social Network with 70 Twitter friends; found buddies that I can sound out for good professional advice like @twillyon, @oliyoung, @malchia, @aqualung, @leehopkins, @stevedavis and a  hundred more; had a suite of photos taken by dear tweep @cathietranent; supported other mums online; helped me get to know clients better by connecting with them online; gained speaking opportunities including the chance to lecture at university; free headbands from Bjorn Borg corporation after tweeting about headbands; helped found the very supportive and informative #socadl community; won book pack from @dymocksadelaide; gained and provided job references on LinkedIn; branded myself and made myself more easily found online; won clients; found a zumba buddy in @tripleb; participated in conferences via Twitter hashtags; hired people who first started making an impression online; gained travel recommendations on TripAdvisor; helped my husband @cave_man_dave and I find new friends like @rebeccamezzino and hubby; reconnected with former colleagues on LinkedIn; gained answers to questions on Quora; found dozens of drinking buddies including @ashsimmonds, @baxters, @luluran, @taschad; provided me with thousands of tweets that have made me laugh, vexed me, supported me and educated me; given me a world of friends on tap who are there 24/7.

This list still doesn’t cover it, but it’s a start!

What has social media done for you? Please leave some ‘top experiences’ in comments below.

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  1. Where do I begin – although a majority of your list probably doubles in mine…

    – Met over 300 people in Adelaide and from interstate – the majority of whom are still friends and fellow drinkers
    – Found a job, fell in love and the found the occasional shag through Twitter (although I haven’t been keeping up with the #twitcest of late)
    – Won books, accommodation, wine, glassware, calendars, drinks, food and more random stuff than I can remember. (I think also at some stage certain people were going to bash me over the head with said won goods if I won anymore)
    – Connected with a multitude of interstate and international friends which I’m still visiting and planning to visit to this day.
    – Enabled me to drunkenly communicate on multiple platforms at once (whatever happened to the drunken texts that were just viewed by one unfortunate soul?)

    Reminds me that at some stage I was meant to write an book on “How to Live off Twitter”.

    I’d probably have to pull myself out of Twitter exile to write it though.

    Happy Social Media Day to the Queen of Adelaide’s social media!

    1. Prakky says:

      Thanks Pip! I knew you’d come through for me. And we are all still waiting for ‘How to live off Twitter’.

    2. Craig Cooper says:

      im just starting out on twitter being a long term user of f/book and totally agree with everything Michelle….i wish i had the skills and experiences to get paid to do it lol

  2. Ash Simmonds says:

    Mostly I just read the Favstar types on Twitter, negativitiy is pointless so I mostly avoid Facebook, but now and then I read up on what’s happening local, have met lots of decent drinking buddies through it (I keep wearing them out – need moar), oh and also did that fall in love thing with the abovementioned commenter.

    But mostly it’s an outlet for all the random oddball thoughts and visionary ideas that I used to annoy my real friends with on a daily basis – for that they thank me I’ve found Twitter to unleash on instead.

  3. TripleB says:

    When I first moved here, most of my friends were courtesy of Baggins. Twitter gave me the opportunity to create my own social circle of super awesome tweeps. I also scored my current job (along with other opportunities) thanks to folks I’d met through Twitter. High fives all round!

    1. Prakky says:

      High five Ash!

  4. Deb Beelitz says:

    Through twitter I have had many laughs on a day to day basis, some random comments from different people are hillarious!

    I have won tickets to gigs & movies many thanx to @glamadelaide

    I have also been able to advertise/promote my business @the_lunch_bar and have met tweeps that follow myself & The Lunch Bar who have popped in for a visit @AdelaideTechGuy & @AussieInc
    The Lunch Bar has also made connections with other local businesses @TynteFlowers @subittopizza1

    I have also kept in touch with friends who I don’t see often @Keta_KatieKates @jessedonnarumma @ms_sharn @SullivanAndrewD @BanZiNi @ambermatson & @seanmaynard

    I also discovered that you @Prakky used to work with my big bro @Blitzer70
    Happy SMD Thanks for all the great work you do for social media in Adelaide 🙂

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