Why do you use social media? Mikyla Gilbert

My third guest in this series is Mikyla Gilbert, the spunky and energetic Publishing Editor of Adelaide Hills Magazine.

1.       What is your favourite social media platform – and why?
Tough question. I find following conversations on Facebook much more interesting, but have formed stronger and more meaningful relationships on Twitter.

2. What made you begin using social media?
I had buried my head in the sand for far too long. Then went to a social media seminar run by Publisher’s Australia where the guest speaker, Iggy Pintado questioned me as to why my publication and myself was not using social media. “Because I don’t know how and don’t have the time,” I said. Right there and then he signed me up for twitter and got me going – I guess you could say I got a swift kick up the butt.

Mikyla Gilbert, Adelaide Hills Magazine
Mikyla Gilbert, Adelaide Hills Magazine

3.       What’s the question you’re asked most about Twitter? How much time does it take in your day to manage your Twitter?

4.       Do you have a “plan” for your personal use of social media?
I have several Twitter accounts and Facebook pages and they all have a slightly different style and focus due to the nature of the brand or personal brand. The only important thing to remember is to make sure I use the right handle for the right comment!

5.       What do you gain from using social media?
For my publication, Adelaide Hills Magazine, I gain the exciting opportunity to communicate with our readers on a daily basis, instead of just four times a year. I also gain a lot of information when researching a various topic and can find ‘experts’ or ‘people in the know’ quite quickly.

Coming soon: Integrated Design Commissioner Tim Horton, plus the prolific tweeter we know as Catsman09!

6 Comments Add yours

    1. Prakky says:

      That is just barely (pun intended) relevant, Ash. I want no more pictures of that ilk, mmkay?

      1. Ash Simmonds says:

        I didn’t really expect you to publish it. 🙂

        Ok, more relevant, here’s why I have the magazine, I used to be a real winner on Twitter… http://twitter.com/MikylaG/status/14896069572

      2. Prakky says:

        I don’t want to be accused of heavy-handed editing. 🙂
        “I value your contribution”.

  1. Peter Kelley says:

    I find it hard to reconcile the image of Iggy Pintado social media guru with Iggy Pintado software brand manager when he worked at IBM. Is he really that good and knowledgeable?

    1. Prakky says:

      I find it hard to get my head around the fact there’s an Iggy Pintado and an Iggy Pintando.

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