Content calendars are king

There have been a few articles recently about whether you need a content plan for social media (SXSW Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote and In Defense of Content Calendars). I say: “It depends on your objectives”. Why are you using social media? If you’re using social media on behalf of an organisation as a professional communications platform, then yes,  you need a content calendar. If you’re a … Continue reading Content calendars are king

Social media: getting on with it

This week I’m blogging about Frocomm’s New Media Summit, a digital conference for PR professionals that I attended in Sydney. The thing that struck me was that leaders in the Australian communication field have finally stopped asking “What is social media? Why the heck do people like it so much?” or “Isn’t Twitter so inane?” Now, they’re getting on with it. And although they may … Continue reading Social media: getting on with it