The 5 questions I’m always asked about Twitter

1. Why do you do tweet? Answer: I tweet because it’s enjoyable and it gives back. Twitter helps you find friends, learn things, keep up with news and share what you find useful. I’ve also used it to boost my own profile and gain more clients; a nice side benefit, but not the main purpose. Twitter can make me laugh, smile when I’m down (cue … Continue reading The 5 questions I’m always asked about Twitter

Why I’m quitting Foursquare

Once upon a time, a long time ago (January 2010 to be precise), there were two little Adelaide Foursquare users. Their names were Michelle Prak and Tom Williamson. These Adelaide dwellers joined Foursquare so early there wasn’t even an ‘Adelaide’ listed on the site. (So Michelle pretended to be a Melbourne dweller). There were no local friends and things felt quite lonely. But I think … Continue reading Why I’m quitting Foursquare

Australian social media conferences 2011

It seems to be that time of year when Australian social media and digital comms types are casting about for what conferences they might attend. It can be hard to compare our choices, so this blog might be of some help in summarising what’s out there. Landmark Digital Directions Sydney 3 March 2011 “Digital Directions is a one-day international gathering of the world’s leading digital … Continue reading Australian social media conferences 2011