The awesome wit of #lameclaimtofame


We’ve all got a lame claim to fame – a story of bumping into a celebrity or politician that we can drag out at dinner parties.

The #lameclaimtofame meme took off on Twitter this week and I enjoyed some truly droll and laugh-out-loud claims. So I’ve collected a few to share here:

threebuttons: Mother just informed me I was once playmates with Jillian Assange. We were five months old. Thought he looked familiar…

xmadsinx: I accidently kicked Richard Gere in the butt when he sat in front of me at his daughters play at summer camp

seanalucy: I spilt coffee all over Sylvester Stallone’s ostrich skin boots in 1988, he was very forgiving

Arj Barker
Arj Barker

@THECHEMISTBAND David Boon told me to f-off when I was 6yo…

fakegovers: Kamahl once assumed he knew me. I had to put up with being called “Shane” and pretend to remember the good ‘ol days. #fraud

amanda_r_3: My dad was on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and won us kids an Atari Lynx woo

bartybookcase: Mumford & Sons’ Dad lived next door and I got all the hand-me-down typical vicarage cord trousers and shorts

PaulAndrews2043: I used to set the VCR to record Neighbours in PJ Harvey’s room when she stayed at the London hotel I worked at.

hayleyyyyyyyyyy I just met and sold books to Rachael Carpani from McLeod’s Daughters

swanny_adel: John Hewson attended my Dad’s wedding. I was an apology.

lynnyew: My friend Michelle is on the cover of a Bunnings water saver brochure

rotech70 Peter Andre asked me to do a music video of him when in High School and I turned him down.

chrissie_: Richard Wilkins once drove past in his alfa romeo.

arjbarker I AM arj barker

Kudos to everyone who contributed to the fun. Do you have a favourite to add to the list?

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  1. You haven’t listed your lame claim to fame Michelle!

    1. Prakky says:

      Oh come on, Caroline, you saw mine because you stalk me on Twitter. 😉

  2. darkdirk says:

    Here’s mine: while busking in the 80s I was abused by Mark “Jacko” Jackson (for not playing his request) and Molly Meldrum (when he tripped over my guitar case)

    1. Prakky says:

      That is gold: Jacko and Molly. Australia rocks, doesn’t it?

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