Month: January 2011

Branching out too far

Thanks to @sarahsocialpr and @mroelink I’ve been inspired to trial BranchOut this week. BranchOut can be quickly described as LinkedIn for Facebook. It’s all set within Facebook and it can draw in your LinkedIn profile quickly and easily. From there,… Read More ›

How to recognise a Spambina

… Or how not to embarrass yourself by becoming besties with a non- corporeal entity on Twitter. Twitterland is increasingly populated by spamming bots – smiling ladies eager to share their life’s learnings with you. This is a friendly blog… Read More ›

How to Be The Mayor

I get asked a lot of questions about Foursquare – in particular about Mayorships. Many people are frustrated that they’ve been loyal users of both Foursquare and real-world establishments, yet haven’t been able to achieve a Mayorship at their favourite… Read More ›


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