Top 10, Top 10 Lists 2010!

Okay, it seems that at this time of year, we go crazy for Lists. So who am I to buck the trend? Here’s the Top 10 List of 2010 Lists. Discover the year’s most popular search engine searches, Facebook updates, Twitter trends, web start ups and more:

Google’s top searches in Australia 2010

(And if you’re interested, Google’s top searches, globally).

Top 10
Top 10

Bing’s top searches for 2010

Yahoo’s top searches for 2010

YouTube top videos for 2010 (nifty functionality)

Twitter trends for 2010

Top Facebook Status Trends of the Year

Ten most complained about ads, Australian (from Mumbrella)

Most downloaded on iTunes 2010 (warning – takes you to the iTunes Store)

Top 10 web startups (according to Read Write Web)

Top 10 coolest gadgets (you might want to contribute your own)

And if you’d like to help Margaret and David (At the Movies) choose the top 10 films of 2010, take part in their poll now. It’s open until 7 February, so you get to have your say.

Do you have any lists to share? Or would you like to add your opinion to a list above? What excited you in 2010?

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