Top 10, Top 10 Lists 2010!

Okay, it seems that at this time of year, we go crazy for Lists. So who am I to buck the trend? Here’s the Top 10 List of 2010 Lists. Discover the year’s most popular search engine searches, Facebook updates, Twitter trends, web start ups and more: Google’s top searches in Australia 2010 (And if you’re interested, Google’s top searches, globally). Bing’s top searches for … Continue reading Top 10, Top 10 Lists 2010!

Twitter Christmas Presents

What do you give a Twitter friend for Christmas? This year, will you tweet out a mass Merry Christmas? (Just watch the term trend on December 25. How predictable is this going to be?) Will you tweet some individual best wishes to your Twitter BFFs? Will you offer a friendly, personalised direct message? Maybe you’ll be too busy with family and friends on Christmas Day … Continue reading Twitter Christmas Presents

Why the social daisy scares us

You probably thought a daisy couldn’t be scary, right? Wrong – when it comes to the social media daisy. I’ve seen the Conversation Prism (created by Brian Solis and Jess3) on so many websites and during so many conferences, I’ve lost count. It’s a fabulously colourful, summative picture of some of the social media tools which are available to us – and its shape reminds … Continue reading Why the social daisy scares us