The most controversial tweets of 2010 (Australian edition)

Recently, I eagerly opened a Twitter link to read about the year’s “most controversial tweets”.

I was quickly disappointed to realise it was an American article [should’ve known! Curses!] including reams of tweet from US sports stars who I either a) had never heard of or b) didn’t care about.

So with some help from my Twitter friends, I’ve compiled a quick list of Australia’s most controversial tweets from 2010.

Danni Minogue, dear sweet controversial tweeter
Danni Minogue, dear sweet controversial tweeter

A quick caveat: I’m usually the champion of social media and don’t like to side with traditional media when it wants to give social media a kick. In this article, I’m not endorsing the view that “Twitter is bad” but pointing out that people can say stupid things on any platform. I’m sure the list of controversial things said at speakers’ podiums or boardroom tables this year would be much longer …

THE CONTROVERSIAL TWEETS (in no particular order):

‘‘Will someone throw a shoe at this guy NOW’’
Sydney resident Maissa Alameddine’s tweet, which appeared on the ABC’s Q&A television show, where former Australian Prime Minister John Howard was being interviewed. A little while later, someone in the audience actually did throw a shoe at Howard. Read more.

“I do so hope Bindi Irwin gets laid”
Catherine Deveny, Age columnist, at the Logies awards night 2010.

“In front row for John Mayer. I may not take home gold logie but now have herpes”
Wil Anderson, comedian tweeting from the Logie awards night 2010 [I know! Wht a night, right?].

“Suck on that f—gots. Probs the best game I’ve ever seen!! Well done boys.”
Former Olympian Stephanie Rice, tweeting after the Wallabies’ Tri-Nations rugby victory over South Africa in September.

“Gay marriage=kids with no mothers or fathers, parent-less generation; uncontrollable depression and suicide. Is that the Aust we want?”
Wendy Francis, Queensland senatorial candidate for the Family First Party, sharing her views on same sex marriage.

Ruby Rose v Ros Reines on Twitter, where they argued over whether Ruby was ‘available’ to media during a red carpet event. Read the highlights captured by Mumbrella.

“All my followers get free 8 dollars poker money by signing up here’ with a link to the popular site”
Australian cricketer Shane Warne was blasted for promoting gambling.

“Congratulations to Ray Meagher for winning the Gold Logie. I’m so happy for you!Danni Minogue at the 2010 Logies. Sounds innocuous enough, right? Oops. She tweeted the result before it was televised.

What are your thoughts on these tweet ‘controversies’? Can you think of any more to add to the list? You may have a few examples from your own circle of friends.

[And will these tweet ‘controversies’ boost the audience for next year’s Logie Awards? Something has to!]

3 Comments Add yours

  1. TripleB says:

    Ooh that Wendy Francis really got me fired up during the election! I’d forgotten all about her since… must have blocked her from my memory.

  2. juzzy says:

    when James Massola welcomed Grog’s Gamut back to Twitter after outing him, many of us were disgusted.
    Bernard Keane got Best On Ground, for retweeting Massola, with the prefix “what a c__t”.
    Pure gold, that got Crikey all kinds of indignation and dudgeon from News Ltd.

  3. greepo says:

    Couldn’t agree with Catherine Deveny more. Bindi Irwin is not real, seems self-obsessed and looks destined to be incredibly uptight – not her fault of course.

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