The 3 best juvenile iPhone apps

Here’s my top three iPhone apps for bringing out the inner teenager in you:

It’s a simple little app that brings out the juvenile in anyone. Thanks to @samanthacain for the heads up on this one! Essentially, with Bigmouth you can paste a mouth onto photos stored on your iPhone, and record a silly voiceover. Of course, the sillier the better.

Screenshot, Bigmouth for iPhone
Screenshot, Bigmouth for iPhone

As far as outcomes go, this app hits the spot. It will make you laugh and provide some distractions during long train journeys. Sit around with your friends over a few drinks, and make Bigmouth pieces of art from each other. Just don’t take offence at the words people might put in your mouth! Or use it to keep the kids happy when you’re in a waiting room with few distractions.

Bigmouth’s downside? The resizing of the ‘mouth’ and positioning of it over your photo can get tricky. The user buttons are also easy to get mixed up, so sometimes you’ll hit ‘record’ instead of ‘play’ and write over your hilarious work. That’s sad. Bigmouth has recently upgraded so you can share your comic genius through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The Twitvids don’t look so great on PC though – the fun seems best served on your phone.

Bad Breath Detector by OraBrush
Another app that will appeal to the juvenile inside you.  This app was developed to help market a tongue cleaner. Yes that’s right, a tongue cleaner.  I love it when companies can take a creative leap like this.

The app ‘detects’ the quality of your breath and gives you a quick result. These vary from ‘I smell dead people’ through to ‘your breath is so amazing, it took mine away’.

Orabrush is making a great splash online with this bad breath fun. It has thousands of followers on Facebook   (249,000 people like a tongue cleaner!) and Twitter  (almost 3,000) , plus great YouTube views  (currently #8 most subscribed ALL TIME).

The funniest aspect of this? Other people’s reactions. People act like it’s real, not an automatically generated voice. I’ve use this in boardrooms, at lunch tables, among friends and colleagues. They’re usually taken aback and very anxious about what their breath result will be. Does that make me evil? Do you smell dead people?

Rage – ABC TV
Rage is a late night/early morning music program on ABC TV in Australia. Many of us have grown up with it – who could forget those all-nighters, watching a great programmed set or waiting and hoping your favourite clip will get a run? It was always a trial to stay awake.

The Rage app solves a problem. Like the best apps do.

The Rage app is essentially its programming guide, song by song, minute by minute. So you can know exactly when the new Washington single will be aired, or when Cee Lo Green will be singing F** You. The app extends several weeks in advance and you can also look at guest programmer’s bios and their upcoming song lists.

Of course, the ABC always had this content. It’s another great example of how web 2.0 and social media is opening up content previously locked away. Because what’s the point of that?

What are your favourite juvenile apps?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nesta Finch says:

    talking carl – tickling him makes me laugh just as much as he does, and giving hinm terrible things to say is sooo well, juvenile. AND when you buy him, you get to send him to three friends!

  2. @samanthacain says:

    Haha I always love an excuse to be silly! Talking Carl is great… but a similar app Talking Tom is FREEEE!

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