One of the things that amazes me about social media is how it can evolve in unexpected ways. Online information sharing sparks ideas for new ways to ‘do it better’ and often platform designers themselves are surprised by what occurs (at least, I imagine they’re surprised. I hope they’re surprised). The Twitter hashtag movement undoubtedly falls into this category. What I want to focus on, … Continue reading #HaveYouRegisteredYourHashtag?

Why are Twitter lists so … listless?

Back in November 2009, Twitter launched Twitter lists. I don’t want to ponder their many uses, but ponder how well behaved we are online. The mainstream media would have you believe social media is the shadowy realm of stalkers, burglars, paedophiles and narcissists, but actually it’s more like the home of good catalogue keepers – if lists are anything to go by. Now, I haven’t … Continue reading Why are Twitter lists so … listless?

The 3 best juvenile iPhone apps

Here’s my top three iPhone apps for bringing out the inner teenager in you: Bigmouth It’s a simple little app that brings out the juvenile in anyone. Thanks to @samanthacain for the heads up on this one! Essentially, with Bigmouth you can paste a mouth onto photos stored on your iPhone, and record a silly voiceover. Of course, the sillier the better. As far as … Continue reading The 3 best juvenile iPhone apps

What is PR anyway?

Many people ask me what public relations is. PR seems to become easily confused with marketing and even advertising. And as more communications professionals from these fields use social media as a channel, the definition appears to become more blurred in some people’s minds. (Professionals across a range of disciplines are using social media tools as part of their communications plans, but this doesn’t change … Continue reading What is PR anyway?