Me so into TV viewing … Miso


It’s been called “Foursquare for people who stay at home” and the app for “couch potatoes

And if you follow me on Twitter, you might be annoyed by it from time to time.

I’m talking about Miso, a relatively new social media platform which, according to the folk at Miso, is “a social platform that makes watching media content more fun”.

In a nutshell, while you’re sitting in your armchair with phone in hand, or at the cinema, you can check in to the TV show or movie you’re watching, letting your social networking pals know what’s on screen. You can of course add a comment, and over time you earn various badges.

Couch potato
'Miso is Foursquare for couch potatoes'

I’ve been having fun playing with Miso and pondering its possible future uses. It appears that Miso is interesting enough to raise the backing of Google Ventures

I previously blogged on how Twitter encourages live TV viewing. This is another evolutionary side-effect of Twitter, supported by the hashtag movement. Miso appears to have leapt off this concept, promoting live TV viewing in partnership with content providers, as seen for example in its relationship with WEtv’s reality show, Bridezillas.  Viewers don’t just gain coveted Miso badges (and let’s face it, users get over that sooner or later …) but have the chance to win real-world prizes (albeit small prizes like a Bridezillas DVD!) and also exclusive videos.

On the Miso app, featured badges are another way to drive people to change their viewing habits. Badges with time limits can be awarded if you follow the ‘hints’ and check into the right programming. When the Emmy awards were screened last night, a short-term Trophy Whore badge was available to viewers (no, I’m not sure I like the name either).

In future, there’s lots of potential partnerships on the horizon for Miso. According to Mashable, Miso “fans will be presented with opportunities like in-show scavenger hunts and challenges to prove that they’re a bigger fan than other views”.

Of course, just as with Foursquare and many other social media apps, when you check in or change your status, you may not be telling the truth. You might check into a TV show and have absolutely no intention of watching it. You might in fact be a trophy whore.

But if you’re that sort of user, the whole effort really does become pointless. As always,  genuine users will feel the rush and soak up the fun.

Connect with me on Miso if you’re interested:

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  1. Tarale says:

    I’d love it if Miso also included other media, such as books, magazines, and video games.

    I think there’s already a social app like Miso for gaming, however it’s Windows only, for one thing, and it’s another app in addition to one I already like.

  2. nikc says:

    I think that the social aspects of Boxee are also interesting, if you have a media centre.

    For one you can recommend your fave online videos and tv shows etc to your friends but more interestingly it is making the personal viewing of online videos social within your household – you can queue up a load of clips while browsing during the day with a bookmarklet, to watch with the fam of an evening!

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