Me so into TV viewing … Miso

It’s been called “Foursquare for people who stay at home” and the app for “couch potatoes” And if you follow me on Twitter, you might be annoyed by it from time to time. I’m talking about Miso, a relatively new social media platform which, according to the folk at Miso, is “a social platform that makes watching media content more fun”. In a nutshell, while you’re … Continue reading Me so into TV viewing … Miso

Say who you are!

4 ways to improve your social media description: When you’re delving into social media for the first time, there’s a few “MUST DO” items you need to attend to. I’ve blogged about many of these in the past, and you would have read about them on other sites. You need a plan. That’s clear. You need to know where your target audience is. You need … Continue reading Say who you are!

Twitter has delivered for ‘traditional’ journalism

There’s been a lot of talk about what Twitter and other social media platforms can do for politicians –  especially in Australia where the federal election will be held tomorrow. Stephen Collins pointed out (quite rightly) that “the average punter is still relying on the tabloids, commercial radio and mainstream evening news and current affairs for their political information”. News Limited said (probably with relief) … Continue reading Twitter has delivered for ‘traditional’ journalism

Length doesn’t matter

Social media, in particular Twitter, comes under a lot of flak for being ‘trivial’ or ‘superficial’. The problem with this sort of characterisation is, it’s subjective.  It’s also elitist and ignorant. Saying “social media is trivial” is like saying human conversation is trivial. It’s akin to saying, all television is idiotic, or all glossy magazines are trash. It’s so broad-brush; all it ends up doing … Continue reading Length doesn’t matter