Prakky and the PM


Okay, time for some self love (still not sure how to spell narcissism).

Thanks to @ashsimmonds, I noted this week that Trendsmap had me listed as the top Adelaide tweeter: ahead of our dear Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Now, there may be few opportunities for me to be ranked above the nation’s PM, so I thought I’d paste the evidence in here and share a little further …

I promise to blog on something more substantial tomorrow!
Trendsmap for Adelaide 23 July 2010
Trendsmap for Adelaide 23 July 2010

Trendsmap for Adelaide 23 July 2010

 In fact, I am going to blog on why politicians will never engage with Twitter like we do …

p.s. If you’re wondering why a tag like “changelovetoknobsongs” is in there – it was fun at the time! Mmkay?

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  1. Ash Simmonds says:

    Good to see I’m rounding out the bottom.

    Interested to know how they collate that – can’t be just quantity, don’t think I tweet 1/10th as much as most of the others on the list of esteem.

    1. Prakky says:

      Hi Ash .. that’s what I was thinking. I’m sure there’s others that tweet more often than me. So perhaps it also looks at replies and retweets too? I’ve got an idea … one day I’ll look at the About page on Trendsmap. 😉

  2. Nice, a very fine effort there Prakky!

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