Confessions of a Twitterholic

At a recent Socadl Tweetup*, a few late-stayers cosied up around one table.

There was silence for a moment. So of course I tried to fill the silence. I piped up: “Hi, I’m Prakky, and I’m a Twitterholic”.

Michelle Prak, Twitterholic
"Is this the face of a Twitterholic?"

 Everyone laughed. I don’t know why – it was true. (I suspect that a few might have laughed because they’re Twitterholics too, while at least one laughed nervously, perhaps thinking: “Shit, I knew I shouldn’t have come to one of these #socadl tweetups!)

Now, I’m not sure of all the steps you take when you attend Alcoholics Anonymous, but from what I’ve seen in Hollywood movies, ‘fessing up and outlining your addiction stories are mandatory. So here goes with some Twitterholic confessions:

  • I do sometimes tweet while walking down the street.
  • I do stop walking in the street, letting people bump into me, while I tweet.
  • I have tweeted while laying down in bed.
  • I have woken in the morning and checked Twitter before I get up.
  • When I owned a Nokia E71, I got sore thumbs from tweeting.
  • I have accidentally retweeted myself.
  • I have bumped into my own scheduled tweets in cyberspace.
  • I have checked my Klout, my Twellow score, Twitrank and many other ways of fruitlessly assessing my ‘worth’ in the Twitterverse.
  • I have unfollowed an annoying person on Twitter. Then checked their tweets to see if they bitched about me.
  • I have tweeted during a favourite TV show and missed ‘a good part’.
  • I have wished somebody would shut up so I could check my tweets.

These are just a few random Twitterholic symptoms. Do you recognise any? What have you found yourself doing with Twitter?

* Socadl stands for ‘Social Adelaide’ and denotes a group of social media enthusiasts who often get together in Adelaide, South Australia, for tweetups face to face, and lots of learning and sharing online. Follow @socadl on Twitter.

18 Comments Add yours

  1. Ric says:

    So what’s the 12-point plan?

    1. Ash Simmonds says:

      It’s like a 3-point turn, for women.

    2. Prakky says:

      Your turn Ric, you tell me.

  2. Ash Simmonds says:

    Hey Prakster – you forgot:

    * BogTweeting – news from the can
    * DrunkTweeting, then waking in fright at 6am hoping you’re early enough to savagely cull your tweets before anyone notices
    * DMTweeting – tweeting publicly something you meant for someone privately
    * Twitcest – shagging people on Twitter
    * 4sqStalking – “coincidentally” turning up at venues someone else has checked into
    * RealLifeMissTweeting – missing an appointment/bus/etc because you were busy bitching about it/them being late

    Got more but need the loo, I may bogretweet this for you.

    1. Prakky says:

      Thanks Ash. But, tcha! As if I’ve ever done any of those things.

  3. Jess says:

    Check, check, check…oh oh!

    While I’ve so far avoided labelling myself a Twitterholic, I have adjusted to my partner referring to me affectionately as a ‘twit’ for the above behaviour 🙂

  4. Anthony Coles says:

    Step 1 – acknowledge you have a problem, (then tweet about it)
    Step 2 – seek a supportive group, (local tweetups are a good idea)
    Step 3 – isolate the emotive drivers for tweeting, (then take a job that reinforces those emotions)
    Step 4 – seek out a sponsor, (use Twitter lists for this)
    Step 5 – tell your family (set them up a Twitter account to do this)
    Step 6. – recharge your phone
    Step 7 – blog about it
    Step 8. – seek peer support
    Step 9 – acceptance
    Step 10 – retweet the above


    1. Prakky says:

      Sing it, brother.

    2. CathieT says:

      Oh Anthony – that is classic!!

      We do occasionally win however. I made our 10 year old publicly apologise to my Twitter followers after they helped him with his homework.

      The apology was worded that he will never refer to us collectively as “twidiots” again. (Thanks for that hubby)


  5. Craig aka Catsman09 says:

    and the moment internet goes down and you start sweating cause you may miss 50 tweets and 1 may or maynot be about you

  6. Monnie says:

    HAH this could have not been more perfectly timed! I’m on an overnight twitter exile – and every two minutes I see something I could tweet about, and then sadly close tweetdeck. It is truly horrible how part of my normal routine this has become!

    Also related to twitter but more foursquare, we all found out about free drinks at the highway from twitter, right? and always make an effort to check in there more than anywhere else for the free drink? 😉

    (though i’ve only had the free drink once so i’ve been a good girl!)

    1. Prakky says:

      Thanks for your comment Monnie. Yep, I’ve definitely seen so much to tweet about, but have to stop myself, or I’d be online forever! It’s nice though, when you feel like you’ve got an audience of pals who want to chat with you and discuss the same things, isn’t it?

      Highway’s use of Foursqurae – and other social media – is just brilliant, and certainly innovative in Australia. I have claimed the odd Foursquare drink!

  7. nwynn says:

    I ticked yes for nearly all (I have an iPhone)
    I’m a twitterholic and proud of it!

    Don’t for get these
    – your twignorant friends and family are bemused/annoyed/sick of your constant need to check to see what is happening
    – you’re tempted to livesteam show like QandA so that you can tweet in time

  8. @jasondunstone says:

    You missed ….

    – Tweet driving : When that car accident ad “I was twittering …” rings true

    – 4sq-iteis : The need to check in so your Twitter followers can know where you are at all times

    – Phone love : “Dad, you love and play with your phone more than me”

    – Shame tweeting : Quickly hiding your phone when some walks in to avoid being caught Twittering again

    1. Anthony Coles says:

      Ah yes Jason, shame tweeting, or #shweeting, has been known to evolve into Tw-retts Syndrome, an unconscious movement of the forearm and wrist behind the back when the patient is anxious that a family member will catch them on tweetdeck AGAIN!

      Refer Step 2, above…

    2. Prakky says:

      Ah, shame tweeting: we all do it. Non tweeters just don’t understand. 😉

  9. Mal Chia says:

    Check to all the above.

    Thank god for PVR when tweeting during television shows otherwise I’d never know what was going on!

    @jasondunstone: Never be ashamed of tweeting. Do it loudly and proudly.

    I was in a cafe the other day and the barista admonished me and my mate because we were so involved in our discussions about Twitter that we didn’t hear him call our coffee. He called us nerds. He’s right.

  10. i have tweeted whilst drunk and in the midst of an alcoholics anonymous meeting! jk ;-p

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