Get your silver suits out!


You know all those futuristic sci-fi movies that attempt to show us what we might be wearing, driving and playing with 20 or 50 years into the future?

They show us wearing full length body suits – slick outfits, black, silver or white – and usually boots. We also drive supersonic cars down high-speed inner city tunnels (and sometimes drive vertically). Our workplace is full of screens and all we have to do is wave our hand around, or waggle our fingers, to access data and do our jobs.

These movies are usually laughable. “When are we going to drive those  cars or wear those silver jumpsuits?” we ponder. But after seeing this News Ltd article yesterday, I’ve had a realisation that we’re there!

See these ladies using iPads as menus at a restaurant? How ultra cool is that? (Whoops, don’t spill any wine ladies).

Sydney restaurant replaces menus with iPads
Sydney restaurant replaces menus with iPads

 Coupled with Lady Ga Ga outfits, I think the future has arrived, people!

Now where’s my electric car? And where’s Will Smith – I was hoping he’d be my sidekick.

See the full story.

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