Confessions of a Twitterholic

At a recent Socadl Tweetup*, a few late-stayers cosied up around one table. There was silence for a moment. So of course I tried to fill the silence. I piped up: “Hi, I’m Prakky, and I’m a Twitterholic”.  Everyone laughed. I don’t know why – it was true. (I suspect that a few might have laughed because they’re Twitterholics too, while at least one laughed … Continue reading Confessions of a Twitterholic

Media cheat sheet: the social media questions to ask

Perturbed is not one of my favourite words. But that’s how I’ve been feeling (or, to put it less politely, pissed off), after reading some recent press articles on social media. The articles have shown a lack of understanding of social media and – even more vexing – a lack of knowledge on behalf of the media’s sources. One, from a guest magazine columnist and … Continue reading Media cheat sheet: the social media questions to ask

CaptCha CulTURe

I’m really interested in this notion of how CAPTCHA might be used to tell a very odd story or string together a crazy poem that turns out to be profound. Most of you would have seen CAPTCHA  phrases – in layman’s terms, it’s those weird words that turn up on the internet sometimes after you try to post a link, or subscribe to an e-newsletter. … Continue reading CaptCha CulTURe

Get your silver suits out!

You know all those futuristic sci-fi movies that attempt to show us what we might be wearing, driving and playing with 20 or 50 years into the future? They show us wearing full length body suits – slick outfits, black, silver or white – and usually boots. We also drive supersonic cars down high-speed inner city tunnels (and sometimes drive vertically). Our workplace is full of … Continue reading Get your silver suits out!

Facebook or Twitter? What’s the difference?

 If you’re anything like me, friends and family sometimes ask you “What’s the difference between Facebook and Twitter?” (Some may also ask you, “Have you put on weight?” but that’s another story). If you’re a social media fan, this might appear to be a ridiculous question that you wouldn’t waste time on. But to the Facebook masses who haven’t tried Twitter, it’s a matter of … Continue reading Facebook or Twitter? What’s the difference?