Tweets to ‘take your breath away’


I’m constantly amazed by the amount of followers that some Twitter accounts attract.

They’re Twitter accounts that seem to break all the ‘rules’ of Twitter etiquette, carrying out such no-nos as:

  • Broadcasting only. Tweeting without replying to anyone else or even retweeting.
  • Selling only. Accounts that aren’t interested in talking to you or commenting on the news of the day: they’re only tweeting about sales, their expertise or why they can make your life better.
  • Appearing eerily like a late night TV infomercial or televangelist of the 80s.

Here’s a sample of some Twitter account bios and their follower numbers * :

Buy me in 17 easy payment installments!

“I want everyone to achieve their dreams. Please ask me how.” More than 22,000 followers. No interaction with followers, just broadcasting.

“I’m living an extraordinary abundant life and creating moments that take my breath away!” More than 10,000 followers. Broadasting, um, inspirational tweets about ‘creating’ and ‘dreaming’.

“Want to earn some extra spending cash? Click on the link to learn how!” Broadcasting only, more than 16,000 followers.

“Click this link to learn how an internet millionaire did it and why he is giving his system away FREE!” More than 16,000 followers. Broadcasting – and with offensive pink flower Twitter background, to boot.

Why should I be surprised? People buy things after watching TV infomercials. They buy porcelain dolls via easy monthly payments. They believe in horoscopes. They email their bank account details to Nigeria. Why should the Twitterverse be any different?

Why should it be different? I’ll tell you why!

We can read a Twitter account so clearly. It’s not set to dazzling music or persuasive voicer-overs. Tweets that sell you something aren’t couched within polite phrases toward the end of a 3 hour brainwashing seminar. Tweets haven’t stepped into your home to give you a personal demonstration and then hang about eyeballing you until you sign up. Tweets, and Twitter account bios, and their motivations and shortcomings, are blatantly obvious for all to see.

Why, Twitterverse, why ….

* And where did I find these Twitter account fine examples? My own Follower list, of course. 😉

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  1. mama magic says:

    Prakky – great blog!

    I for one don’t know which is worse – the tweets for Jesus (I quite innocently followed those who followed me for a while as a novice tweeter) or witnessing others’ conversations as they become more intimate.

    Its all good fun though, no?

  2. adelaide dj says:

    imo rules are meant to be tested, if someone has a lot of followers and getting them in an unusual way it’s probably because they are doing something different that is not totally evident in their twitter use, whether someone likes your tweets is purely subjective and if everyone followed the exact same rules it would be annoying also, for instance at one time someone came up with the great idea of automatically dm’ing every person who followed them and it was a good idea at the time but then everyone started doing it and now it’s just plain annoying!

  3. Cate P says:

    I would also have about 16000 followers by now if I hadn’t blocked about 14500 of them for being nothing but boobs, porn, life coaches, weirdos, infomercials or preachers. Now if I could just block that @Prakky my life would be complete…

  4. CathieT says:

    I’m convinced that there are people on Twitter who collect followers just because they can. “I have 25,000 people following me on Twitter!” (Read: I must be soooo special!) It doesn’t matter that 24,997 of these people are only sending them junk mail over the internet … to them it’s the sheer numbers that are important.

    Of course, this suits the junk mail senders – they just want to get their “message” out there.

    Me, I’d rather have 10 followers that I interact with …

    Hey @Cate_P … If you work out how to block that @Prakky let me know will you?

  5. Peteski_au says:

    I’ve found recently that my followers have changes from being bots, to mostly real people. I’m sitting on just over 300 at the moment I think. If I get followed, I generally follow back if they have something interesting in the tweets, I’d it’s spam, I block and report. I LOVE people are interact with others, I love finding out what gets people laughing, thinking and what reallt gets their blood flowing.

    I don’t understand the Jesus bots (well I do, I just wish they were smart enough to read the context of what I’ve written) or the “twittascope” auto tweet. That has got to be one of the most irritating on there.

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