How #Adelaide took over the nation …


 It’s nice to read a story about the little guy doing well, isn’t it?

Well, this is a story about the #Adelaide hashtag. (Now, there’s a story that wouldn’t make sense two years ago ..)

For some time now, the #Adelaide hashtag has been one of the most popular tags on Twitter in Australia. Time and again, the #Adelaide hashtag produces more tweets than its bigger city cousins such as Sydney and Melbourne. So relative to its population size, Adelaide punches above its weight in hashtag city.

Why is that?

Well, a lot of that is due to Adelaide tweeters who understand the hashtag phenomena and indeed, rely on it. Twitter accounts such as @Adelaidetweet and @Glamadelaide actively encourage Adelaide-dwellers to put the tag into their tweets, in order for them find and re-tweet ‘the best of Adelaide’ and keep people up to date with local news.

These two Twitter accounts have been so devoted to the #Adelaide hashtag over the longer term, their own tweets and RTs have encouraged others to use the tag and become part of the local conversation. So now, Adelaide organisations or those individuals wishing to seen to be part of #Adelaide actively use the tag to become part of the category. It’s become a 101 of being on Twitter in Adelaide.

When I occasionally take a look at #sydney or #melbourne tweets, they seem to have a different flavour. They have less colour and personality, and are more often used by organisations than individuals. They’re often about sales, jobs, flights, tickets and so on.

 #Adelaide tweets are like that sometimes – but more often, they’re community-friendly. They’re sharing advice about road conditions, getting excited about rain (yes, that’s exciting news in Adelaide – because it’s rare!), talking about where they’re eating tonight, or what market is open this weekend.

On any given day, you’ll find that @Adelaidetweet leads the field in using the #Adelaide hashtag.

Now, I’m often asked who is behind @Adelaidetweet .. and I’ll never tell. (And no, it’s not me). And I’ll admit that when #Adelaidetweet set up, I didn’t understand the concept or its potential for longevity. I didn’t see how it would work out – why would people want to follow a Twitter account that just RT’d all the time?

But #Adelaidetweet has morphed into a stream of Adelaide news, a curator, a broadcaster – as it sifts through #Adelaide tweets, adds a touch of editing here and there, and promptly RTs them. Some RTs are obscure, but for the most part, if you’re following @Adelaidetweet, you get a good sense of what’s happening in town, and what queries you can help Adelaide dwellers with.

So, hat’s off to ya, Adelaide. Keep up the hashtagging.

Do YOU use the hashtags of the city you live in? Are they useful? Tell me what you think …

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  1. Obviously, we think this is a great post Michelle. Thank you!
    It’s been a pleasure to see use of the #Adelaide hashtag increase and we hope it’ll continue, because talking up our great city on Twitter is one way to increase its profile, and our State’s, nationally and globally.
    We think it’s important to bear in mind that part of the #Adelaide hashtag’s success is due to the strength of our events, like the Festivals, Fringe Clipsal 500. The successes (and sometimes the failures) of our sporting teams also helps.
    But the most important contributing factor is the pride and enthusiasm of Adelaideans for their hometown, and all the wonderful aspects of “real life” that we enjoy.
    Keep enjoying, and keep tweeting about #Adelaide!

  2. adelaide dj says:

    congratulations to adelaidetweet for doing such a good job of spreading the love!

  3. robdotcom71 says:

    How else am I supposed to find fellow #Adelaide tweeps to stalk…errr I mean follow… 😀

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