Month: May 2010

Tweets to ‘take your breath away’

I’m constantly amazed by the amount of followers that some Twitter accounts attract. They’re Twitter accounts that seem to break all the ‘rules’ of Twitter etiquette, carrying out such no-nos as: Broadcasting only. Tweeting without replying to anyone else or… Read More ›

Expert is a Dirty Word

If there’s one word that’s derided – nay, spat on – by the social media community, it’s the term “social media expert”. I guess I have to yell at the outset here, that this is not a blog about my… Read More ›

Take a Pollyanna view

I talk to a lot of organisations about social media. So I tend to hear the same questions again and again. You can probably guess what sort of questions they are. I’ll write a FAQ list one day. But in… Read More ›


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