The Goodness & Light of Facebook

Yes, you read it right. This is a pro-Facebook article. It’s not something you’ll see every day. Nowadays, we’re used to media coverage blaming Facebook for most of society’s ills: it’s been blamed for everything from teenagers being distracted from their homework, through to increasing the incidence of syphilis. (Note: everything distracts teens from their homework – Facebook, TV, snacks in the fridge, a fly … Continue reading The Goodness & Light of Facebook

#SAElection Day Tweeting

On election day in South Australia, I take a last-minute look at what political candidates have been doing on Twitter. This is a follow up to my ‘Politicians and Twitter’ blog a few weeks ago … Premier Mike Rann hasn’t tweeted for past two days. Too much to do, to tweet? I would’ve thought using your own direct broadcast channel and conversing with the electorate … Continue reading #SAElection Day Tweeting

Who looks after social media?

Businesses and not-for-profits are increasingly adopting social media as part of their communications programs. This isn’t a blog about how ‘social media has become mainstream’. What I do want to ponder is: who’s best suited to manage these social media strategies? Is it an organisation’s: • marketing department • public relations team • advertising team or • (if an organisation is lucky enough to have … Continue reading Who looks after social media?

Who Gives a Hoot? What happens when sites go down?

I was staring at my PC screen recently. Staring at an owl wearing a hard hat. Hootsuite was down for maintenance and it was darn annoying. It brought home the fact that I rely on Hootsuite a great deal to manage multiple social media accounts. Many of us do it now – we’re using Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Seesmic, Facebook, YouTube, FlickR, YouTube, Blogger – for business. … Continue reading Who Gives a Hoot? What happens when sites go down?