Politicians and Twitter

What better time to take a look at state politicians’ tweets than now – at the official beginning of the South Australian election period? It’s fantastic that some pollies have delved into social media, using platforms like Twitter. This means they get it – right? Er … maybe not. Taking a cursory look at some SA politicians tweets, it appears they use Twitter as a … Continue reading Politicians and Twitter

Twitter encourages live TV viewing

On the back of all commentary about “the internet killing mainstream media …”  .. consider how Twitter encourages live TV viewing. Have you ever sat back in front of the tele, relaxing in your favourite armchair, with your mobile phone open to Twitter? If you answered Yes, you’re not the only one. I’m increasingly enjoying watching live TV with a gang of friends – on … Continue reading Twitter encourages live TV viewing

Seconds to impact

We’ve all heard this maxim about websites: you’ve got less than 10 seconds to impress (or is that 6 seconds, or 3? It all depends on which blog you read). But have you ever stopped to think that websites aren’t alone in this? First impressions count. We all have seconds to make an impact before a) interest wanes b) a person makes assumptions about you … Continue reading Seconds to impact

The 5 great myths of the Censor SA debate

This is a blog about South Australia’s new internet commentary laws. For background, you might want to read this article on AdelaideNow . Myth 1:If you’ve got something to say, you should be brave enough to put your name to it Guess what. We’re not all brave, chest-beating types prepared for the wrath of family, friends and colleagues based on what we’re written. There are … Continue reading The 5 great myths of the Censor SA debate