Best Twitter bios

I’m constantly impressed by some of the pithy, droll and sarcastic bios people write for their Twitter profiles. I thought it was worth sharing a few of my favourites:

@derekandkong: Born at a very young age I realised almost immediately that I knew very little.

@keithpitt: web developer (Ruby on Rails), geek, gamer and robot from the year 2143

@TheBloggess: I have friends in spite of myself.

@Cathie_Tranent: I am a wife I am a mother I work I blog I photograph I design tshirts I’m tired

@Wang_Wang (panda) : Black and white bear. Omnivore. Likes travel, eating bamboo and origami. I’m endangered, but I party like a rock star.

@bludgingwriter: Trying to finish writing a book while the TV brings up the three kids

@teedubya: … SEO Jedi. Uber bullshittapotomous. Social Shaman. Pompous Windbag. I’m kind of a Medium Deal.

Unfortunately, we don’t always notice these bios, as we visit less and less. Instead, many of us use tweet tools such as Hootsuite. These tend to disconnect you from the bios, background images and other individual touches that people use to represent themselves. It’s worth checking in to now and then to take a good look at your tweet pals.

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