Foursquare: a new game

I’m getting a kick out of using Foursquare, a social network newly available in Adelaide. Foursquare has been another phenomenon in the US, but only recently added Adelaide to its list of cities (read Foursquare Goes Global).

Foursquare is so new, when you Google it, the first page of search results contain references to the old schoolground game.

Foursquare is for mobile phone users who like to get out a lot. Every time you visit your favourite coffee house / restaurant / shopping centre or other venue, you can ‘check in’ there on Foursquare. It gives you points for your check ins, and you can become ‘Mayor’ of the spots you frequent the most.

Your friends on Foursquare (who you find like you did when starting out with Twitter or Facebook), can see where you are. If they’re at that same spot, you’ll both know via Foursquare.

You can add tips about your favourite places, building up a wealth of shared information. (For example, I let people know that Kwiksticks in North Adelaide has ‘kids eat free’ nights every Tuesday).

So it’s part game, part locator, part status update, part venue review.

It launched in the US last year and had an estimated 100,000 users in November 2009.

It’s been called “addictive and slightly creepy”…

Using Foursquare
Here’s some good advice from Jason Moffatt, in a recent review of Foursquare vs Gowalla: if you want to avoid ‘stalkers’, check in on Foursquare as you’re leaving a location. (And remember – when you check in, you don’t have to share with friends at all. You can gain points by checking in, but untick the normal friend feeds that disseminate the updates).

What’s in it for me?
Personally, it’s only week one on Foursquare for me, so with these fresh eyes it’s too soon to judge whether a) I will quickly grow tired of it and let it lapse or b) I become so addicted my family arranges an intervention.

For the application itself, people are really talking up its potential. And why wouldn’t you – for an application that encourages people to get out and about, invite their friends and write reviews? If user numbers grow, it will be of obvious interest to countless industries.

“So far, about 200 venues, as diverse as bars and frames shops, have promotions offering discounts and other perks to Foursquare users in the system …read more.

Get on board, give it a go. Oh, and apparently it’s already overtaken Gowalla in terms of user numbers. Available in iPhone app, Blackberry app and on

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10 Comments Add yours

  1. David Lewis says:


    I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my Foursquare foray. I finally did make it to the Mahaloplex.

    My blog (see info) tends to have more about Twitter and other social media than what I write at Revenews.


  2. Jen says:

    I’ve started looking into Foursquare and its potential application in a uni environment after reading something on I await with interest to see how it all goes.

    1. Prakky says:

      Thanks for your comments, David and Jen. I published this a while back, but I guess my editing has sent it out into the ether again!

      Jen, I hope you get time to join Foursquare and use it around town, especially as an iPhone app, when recommendations can appear from your friends when you check in. Like a lot of social media platforms, it makes more sense the more friends you have, and the more activity you undertake.


  3. adelaide dj says:

    i’ve been using foursquare for a few months now, it’s fun and i’m finding that it is a good way for me to keep up with my health and fitness goals

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