Twitter iPad Frenzy: Did it Last As Long As You Expected?

It’s no surprise what was hot on Twitter this week: the official launch of Apple’s new iPad. When I woke the morning after Steve Jobs had shown the world his new baby, my Twitter feed was full of iPad references and little else. What happened to Haiti? Or everyone whining about a new work day? While on Twitter, I bemoaned the fact that nobody seemed … Continue reading Twitter iPad Frenzy: Did it Last As Long As You Expected?

Look at me when I’m talkin’ to you!

Mobile phone etiquette used to be all about whether to take a phone call during a meeting or restaurant meal. It was good fodder for late night comics and ammunition for disgruntled spouses at the dinner table. We debated when you should ignore a call, whether to turn your phone off or onto silent mode, how loud you should speak while on the phone in … Continue reading Look at me when I’m talkin’ to you!

Best Twitter bios

I’m constantly impressed by some of the pithy, droll and sarcastic bios people write for their Twitter profiles. I thought it was worth sharing a few of my favourites: @derekandkong: Born at a very young age I realised almost immediately that I knew very little. @keithpitt: web developer (Ruby on Rails), geek, gamer and robot from the year 2143 @TheBloggess: I have friends in spite … Continue reading Best Twitter bios

Does spelling matter when you’re Social?

Have you ever noticed that on social networks the spelling can become, well, a little sloppy? What does this mean to you? Does it tick you off? Or do you believe that it’s part of the fast-paced, casual atmosphere of the social media environment? With tweets, I can forgive a typo – particulary if it’s from a mobile application. Those tiny keys on your mobile … Continue reading Does spelling matter when you’re Social?

Foursquare: a new game

I’m getting a kick out of using Foursquare, a social network newly available in Adelaide. Foursquare has been another phenomenon in the US, but only recently added Adelaide to its list of cities (read Foursquare Goes Global). Foursquare is so new, when you Google it, the first page of search results contain references to the old schoolground game. Foursquare is for mobile phone users who … Continue reading Foursquare: a new game