The next 26 stages of Twitter …

Shane Nickerson wrote an awesome blog titled The 46 Stages of Twitter. It’s a must read!

I recognised myself in a lot of that list – as did my tweeps. But we also recognised that we’d gone beyond the list. So I’m going to attempt to extend it below. Perhaps not as funny as you Shane, but it’s worth a try!

Only trouble is, I couldn’t get beyond an additional 26. So here goes, starting on from Shane’s 46th stage:

47: Read the 46 Stages of Twitter and chuckle to yourself.
48: email 46 Stages of Twitter to your pals. (Especially newbie Twitter pals still at Stage 6).
49: discover newbie Twitter pals now tweeting more
50: provide helpful advice to newbie Twitter pals
51: watch newbie Twitter pals’ follower lists grow
52: decide to more actively grow your own followers
53: read blog posts about how to grow number of followers
54: start following more strangers and butting into their conversations
55: start following ‘social media experts’
56: bookmark Twitter metric tools
57: use Twitter tools to measure your tweet status
58: find out that Twitter tools suck anyway
59: decide it’s more about quality, not quantity
60: unfollow all those weirdos from Russia
61: unfollow those teen gangasta types from the US (you never understood what they were saying anyway)
62: discover Twitter Lists
63: categorise Friends into list by geographical location. Become bored halfway through.
64: categorise other Friends into list by ‘social media expert’ or ‘non social media expert’
65: notice that ‘social media expert’ list is pretty freakin’ long
66: create a silly list: Meglomaniacal nose pickers
67: realise you can make Lists private
68: delete your silly list
69: Google yourself
70: see Thursday night’s tweet has been indexed
71: it’s the one where you said “I love you Charmaine and I don’t care what happened backstage with Rob Thomas; sorry about wiping my ….”
72: decide to take a break from Twitter

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