Your key words into Heaven

Lately I’ve been pondering .. all this hoo-ha about our Twitter and Facebook feeds being indexed by Google and Bing. This means our status updates can be seen on search engine pages. It has the potential for embarassment. (Like the time I Googled myself, only to see my Twitter ranting about ‘earwigs’ was on page 1 of the results). However, on the flipside: it’s possible … Continue reading Your key words into Heaven

Ha ha. That’s a good one.

What’s with the pressure to be funny on Twitter? I thought it was just me. And then I Googled it just in case (as you do). And I found I’m not the only one .. it’s a big topic out there. Apparently those 140 characters aren’t simply about being clear and succinct. They need to be funny, pithy, whimsical … or at the very least, … Continue reading Ha ha. That’s a good one.

The fave topic on Google Wave?

What else would you talk about when you land on Wave but … Wave? I’m in about 20 Waves now (posted discussions where lots of people contribute) and the main topic is How to Use This Darn Google Wave. Second topic of note: Social Media. And third: Adelaide’s new social media grouping, #socadl, and what its objectives are. Wave is quite difficult to read right … Continue reading The fave topic on Google Wave?