The satisfaction of .. stationery

Warning to all readers: this blog is about being a Working Mum. If that topic bores you, please leave now. I’ve had a week off work. Thus, time to do things I can’t normally do. Very important things, like: walk with my sons INTO their classrooms rather than dropping them off at the school fence and madly driving away saying ‘hello’ to my sons’ teachers … Continue reading The satisfaction of .. stationery

It’s a lonely (social) life

I’m still to play with Google Wave … … but one thing I am hearing from Google Wave newbies, is that they’re ‘lonely’ there. At least, that’s my interpretation. I’ve seen tweets and comments like: ‘Why is nobody waving at me?’ ‘I’m here .. now what?’ and ‘Um, I have Google Wave. Anyone want invites? Maybe I can finally make it a fun thing if … Continue reading It’s a lonely (social) life