Play it again, iPod. And again …

I love my iPod, but …

… it’s ruining music for me!

Well, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic. My gripe is this: now that I’ve got all my favourite songs on my iPod, and I can listen to them any time, anywhere, my songs are kinda losing their shine.

I remember the good old days. [Cue mistiness and violins]. As a 10 year old, my music conduit was a little white clock radio in my bedroom. [Not even a digital clock. It was the type with numbers that would click over to reveal the next number].

I’d stay by the radio for hours, waiting for my favourite song to come on. When the DJ announced it, it was soooo exciting. I couldn’t be interrupted by anyone else in the house. I’d sing and dance along. Every second of the song was to be cherished.

Later, as a teen when I graduated to a ‘boom box’ [hideous clunky stereo with a tape recorder that looked so modern at the time], I’d still wait by the radio. Only this time, I could tape the song and listen to it later. [Usually with the DJ talking over the end or beginning of the song. Curses].

And now?

My iPod has hundreds of songs – from all eras. Every song I’ve loved as a child, teen and adult. And I can play them again and again and again.

And I do. That’s the problem.

My favourite songs are on tap. One little movement of my thumb on the iPod pad, and my current-favourite-song is played back. Instantly.

Maybe I should exercise more self control. But I find myself playing a favourite song perhaps 10 times in a row .. and getting tired of them. I wear them to pieces.

I look at the long list of loved tunes in my iPod … and it’s like a millionaire choosing where to sail his yacht today. It’s lost its shine.

Am I the only one that feels like this?

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