Okay Kyle, I forgive you


Another Sunday night in August …

.. another season of Australian Idol.

This time around: the audition process didn’t appear so harsh. Did Channel 10 sanitise it, post the Kyle Sandilands debacle?

There were fewer weird contestants – those ones that make you cringe.

Sure, there were a few squeaky voices, horrendous dance moves and karaoke queens. [That guy playing Imagine on the guitar? He was from outer space, dude]. But overall, Idol showed us a solid group of singers who I’m looking forward to following.

The big thing for me? Kyle. It was actually, er, good to see him again.

I can’t stand the Kyle and Jackie O show. But Kyle is okay on Idol. He listens, he looks people in the eye, he has funny comments, he asks the questions we all want to ask [‘What’s in your pockets?’]

Sure, he stuffed up on radio the other week .. that lie detector test was sick. But the whole Austereo station is to blame.

Kyle and Idol? It’s a different product. And I’m willing to buy it.

There’s a ‘save Kyle’ petition starting up on the Idol forums. And check out the BringBackKyle on Twitter. I’m following .. because I want to see what happens!

FYI, the Adelaide teacher was singing a Radiohead song. Nice rendition.

And p.s. Is it just me, or is Kyle really hard to type? I keep typing ‘Kylie’.

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