New kid on the blog

They said childbirth was painful. And scary.

Starting a blog, after pondering one for years, is a scary new beginning too.

I’m considering this Blog my new baby. And, just like I did with my two sons when they were babes in arms, I’m concerned about doing this right. [Son #1 pictured, right!]

I know there’s a lot of experience out there. Thousands of women have done it. I’ve got a lot to learn.

So, I’ll do what I did when I embarked on motherhood:

  1. I won’t think I know it all
  2. I will read wise words from people who’ve been there before
  3. I won’t feel crushed if I make a mistake
  4. I’ll pay my Blog lots of attention!
  5. But won’t necessarily be getting out of bed every 2 hours to tend to it …

I read a Mom blog recently, which said “You hold your baby for the first time, and it’s beautiful, but when you look back at pictures from that day years later you will realize that your baby was puffy, wrinkled, and not quite the right color.”

Now, I know that’s how I’m going to look back on this first post, right? It will seem trite and ugly.

But right now, it’s fun.

Christina Aguilera said motherhood made her feel sexy. [Man alert: next phrase may embarrass]. The only thing that made me feel more womanly was during pregnancy, when I had breasts for the first time! Apart from that, the sexy factor didn’t receive a huge boost. [Son #2 pictured right]

And again, I’m not expecting that to happen with my Blog. I don’t see myself becoming more cool, more scintillating or intriguing. Just maybe, it will make me more interesting? If nothing else, it will keep my brain ticking over …

My young sons aren’t working out too badly. In fact, they’re quite happy, healthy and bobbing along just fine. So, provided I care for this Blog in the same way .. how hard can it be?

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