What’s in a name?

A woman close to me is getting married soon. And it occurred to me, she’ll have another big decision to make … Will she adopt her husband’s surname, after the big event? When I married back in the dark ages (1998), I decided to keep my name. Taking my husband’s name never occured to me as a sensible option. What a silly idea! After all, … Continue reading What’s in a name?

To stand, or not to stand?

What is music concert etiquette? … last night I saw ‘The White Album’ concert. This seminal Beatles album was performed by a bunch [well, four] of talented Australian rockers, performing the entire album, with the backing of a killer band including strings and brass section. It was Fab, just like the original Four. But [there’s always a but …] the concert was in a theatre, … Continue reading To stand, or not to stand?

Okay Kyle, I forgive you

Another Sunday night in August … .. another season of Australian Idol. This time around: the audition process didn’t appear so harsh. Did Channel 10 sanitise it, post the Kyle Sandilands debacle? There were fewer weird contestants – those ones that make you cringe. Sure, there were a few squeaky voices, horrendous dance moves and karaoke queens. [That guy playing Imagine on the guitar? He … Continue reading Okay Kyle, I forgive you

F**k you too!

Status updates … … they’re a touchy subject. Some people think status updates in social media are childish timewasters (the Twitter naysayers), others think they’re a valuable and fun way to keep our networks updated. I like them. But I don’t like swearing in status updates. I’m getting a growing number of Facebook friends who feel the need to vent, using every expletive, on their … Continue reading F**k you too!

Art guilt

Right now, I could walk out my front door … … meander down a few blocks and hit a quaint little street in my neighbourhood that’s showcasing great local artists. I could ponder some brilliant paintings, examine funky handcrafted jewellery, and rub shoulders with eager art types enthusing over local talent. Instead, I’m sitting here at my PC. With a backache. It’s South Australian Living … Continue reading Art guilt