Prakky disclaimer

My disclaimer

All of my posts are original material and like any good blogger, I’ll reference my sources – largely through hyperlinks.

My blog focuses on my area of business – social media and communications – with the occasional personal post which I hope doesn’t turn  off too many readers.

I do not accept payments for any blog posts but I welcome complimentary comments such as “Wow Prakky, you’re super helpful”.

Occasionally I will write a blog about a product which a corporation or organisation asks me to review. I don’t accept payment for this. These blogs sometimes come about after I’ve used a product for a trial period and then returned it, or if I have use of a premium social media tool for a trial period. I do not promise that I will write a positive review – my blogs will be truthful and accurate. I often reject corporate offers, in particular when it doesn’t fit with the objective of my blog or if it is an event or product I would not normally be interested in like concrete flooring or fertiliser.

More often, if you do read a Prakkypedia post about a social media tool or product, it’s because I’ve come across it myself and it has been my own idea to review it and share my insights. Sometimes after this (rarely in fact), the organisation behind that product might send me a thank you message and/or some merchandise goodies. These are not grand prizes; they’re nice tokens of appreciation and have no impact on my blog writing.

I don’t write paid book reviews or reblog other people’s content or attempt to drive you to other people’s websites as part of any sponsorship or support deals.

I’m often asked to be a “social media ambassador”. This usually takes the form of tweeting about an event on Twitter, sharing images on Instagram and stories on Facebook. I only “tweet for seats” at events I am genuinely interested in. I tweet regular disclaimers about this, usually including #socmediaambassador or #socmediaguest in my initial tweet, with occasional tweet reminders. I do not include disclaimers in every tweet for reasons of readability, space and my followers’ sanity.

I’m a Board Member of the SA Writers Centre and proudly share a lot of links to their good work.

I love blogging. And I work hard to ensure the quality and integrity of Prakkypedia. Thanks for reading.

Recent social media ambassador roles: Guest at Cellar Door Wine Festival, Cavalia. Received “goodies” from Menz Fruchocs, People’s Choice Credit Union and Adelaide Food and Wine Festival.

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