Month: December 2012

New digital resolutions

In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, this post is all about “social media resolutions” – or what we can do to improve our digital experience in 2013. (So, to be clear. This post isn’t about resolving to see your… Read More ›

Hashtag champions

Hashtags make life easier on Twitter. I’ve written about them several times before [see Hashtags Mean Business and Conference Hashtags] but today I’m tackling the issue of how you get a hashtag to stick. After all, there’s millions of tweets… Read More ›

Socadl: 2012 in review

[Socadl = Adelaide’s social media community. Kind of like a tweet-up gang for people who are socmedia enthusiasts]. Yes, this is Prakky’s blog. Socadl doesn’t have a blog space and Prakky organises most of Socadl: so, welcome! This month Socadl… Read More ›


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