My A List is better than yours

What makes an A list? Most of the public would define the “A list” as celebrities and wannabe celebrities. They’re the in-crowd who get invited to glitzy launches, wear the latest fashions, walk the red carpet and appear in the… Read More ›

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  • Got style?

    The Elements of Style book cover

    When I studied journalism at the University of South Australia in the late 80s/early 90s, one of the compulsory text was The Elements of Style  by Strunk and White. It was my introduction to style guides and an early lesson… Read More ›

  • For sale: neighbourhood stories

    Garage sale signs all ready to go!

    A young girl munching on a toffee apple visited us this week. Countless middle-aged women visited us too, wearing three-quarter length pants, clutching handbags and usually arriving in pairs. An Asian father who has given up drinking and wishes his… Read More ›

  • 5 alternative comms tactics

    Beerenberg job ad

    Communications professionals need a suite of tactics in their toolkit and in today’s blog, I’m sharing some more obscure ones that might suit you or your clients. Promoting your cause or your brand, or having conversations with your community, is… Read More ›

  • A letter to break your heart

    Scam-warning letters are on their way

    Some people make jokes about online dating. And some people make jokes about good old fashioned-printed letters (I’m looking at you, digi folk). So I was fascinated to hear about the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)’s Scam Disruption Project… Read More ›

  • The good source

    Journalists aren’t the only professionals who require good sources. Professional communication managers need them, too. Whether you call your role “PR” or “media relations” or “corporate communications”, it’s impossible to have a highly successful comms program without having some input… Read More ›

  • The To-Do List for Every New Corporate Communications Manager

    So you’ve just landed a new corporate communications role. Congratulations! So have I. I’m a month or so into a new role and absolutely love it. And naturally, I’ve been focused on all the things a good corporate communications manager… Read More ›


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